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Through the Looking Glass

Barley samples from cooperatives or farms are analysed at our own laboratories, for germination (min. 95 %), water (max 14.5 %) and protein. Also a screening is done, where the amount of bigger and smaller kernels is determined. A prerequisite to take in barley is that it is “good and sound goods”

During the malting process, the barley is called green malt. Its temperature, water percentage and growth is continuously controlled and registered. When the malt i ready approximately 15-20 analyses are made, which are related to the customers’ requirements. We adapt the malting process in all steps to the requirement of the customers, starting with the purchasing, via the steeping, germination and to the kilning process.
Since 1907 we have checked the quality of our malt at our own laboratories. A reliable test of all products is necessary to ensure the continuous quality of all products delivered to the customers.

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