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The malting barley is received from grain cooperations and farmers, around Denmark and is, if necessary, dried down to a 12%-14% moisture content right after harvest to ensure an even germination. It is cleaned and screened in a modern barley cleaning plant, ensuring that only the best developed kernels pass on to production.

The barley is immersed into water, to facilitate the beginning/initiation of the germination. The water contents in the barley is brought/raised from approx. 14 % to 45 %. The barley is alternating between being submersed into water (so-called immersion phase) and without water (so-called drained phase).
During the steeping the barley is washed in cold water three times, which is essential for a healthy product. Wet and dry periods alternate according to the requirements of the barley and CO2 is removed during dry steeping.

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